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"It made my hair grow on the top where it was thinning...and I love the smell of the RGS Hair Serum." Verified Customer P.R.

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RGS HAIR OIL SERUM (Root-Growth-Stimulator) is an extra strength hair oil formula with Rosemary Oil to stimulate follicle growth. It is mixed with Aloe Vera Oil, Advocado Oil, Olive Oil, Moringa Oil, Jojoba Oil and several more strong natural vitamin and herbal oils to produce new growth. It is our strongest for hair growth. Apply directly to the scalp.

GRO-MANE Hair Oil Formula has several strong hitting oils. This oil's main feature is to condition your hair to 'maintain growth.' Although some hair serums stimulate hair growth, the actual hair shaft and follicle is not strong enough to support and maintain growth acitivity. It eventually falls out due to dryness and brittle hair shaft follicle. GRO-Mane will condition, moisturize, encourage new growth and most importantly maintain it. Apply to the hair and scalp.

3R's HAIR OIL FORMULA has unfiltered and fully concentrated Aloe Vera Oil, Jojoba Oil, Morgina Oil and a few other strong natural hair stimulating oils. It effectively repairs, recovers and restores hair. Apply to the hair and scalp.